Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hurricane Barbara - 1st Hurricane of the Pacific Season

The now confirmed Hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 75 MPH, is barreling down towards a sparsely populated area of Mexico's southern Pacific coast. It is expected to hit land later today. In the state of Oaxaca, emergency shelters are being prepared and now classes are being suspended for school children for the rest of the week, while the heavy rains begin ahead of the storm. Presently, the storm is located about 65 miles east southeast of Salina Cruz, Mexico. Hopes are that the storm will weaken before reaching Coatacoalcos, a major oil port that can be effected if the storm doesn't drop in intensity. A possibility is that Barbara may just run through the land masses without slowing down. Presently at a Category 1 Hurricane, hopes are that it will at least weaken when the center of the storm reaches land. If the storm reaches a Category 2, then it may extend into the Gulf of Mexico before it has a chance to weaken, and if that happens, all bets are off as to if and when the storm will weaken. If it continues on it's present projected path, the U.S. city that would be affected if the storm makes its way in the Gulf and strengthens again may be Houston Texas.
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