Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tropcial Storm Barbara Gaining Strength with 65 MPH winds

View of the wharf of Puerto Angel, Oaxaca

The storm named Barbara is continuing to gain strength as it approaches Mexico. There have been hurricane warnings issued for an area along the coast. The issue is for an area from Puerto Angel (shown above) to Barra de Tonala located in an area in the Gulf of Tehuantepec.  Barra De Tonalo is a place with a very small population in the state/region of Veracruz-Llave, Mexico which is located in the continent/region of North America. Cities, towns and places near Barra De Tonala include Tonala, Cuauhtemoczin, Tonala and La Azucena. The closest major cities include Coatzacoalcos, Villahermosa, Tuxtia Gutierrez and Veracruz.
The maximum sustained winds of this storm is now 65 MPH (100 kph) and is expected to continue to gain strength before eye of the storm finally reaches shore in a few hours as a full fledged hurricane. But as it moves inland, Hurricane Barbara is expected to loose strength. All of the computer weather models show the storm loosing strength and expected to dissipate prior to moving into the Gulf of Mexico.
Those are expectations, but it is not known for sure how soon the storm will start to weaken.
Presently, the weather is still considered a tropical storm, but it is fully expected to become the first hurricane of the Pacific Hurricane season, which starts one week earlier than the Atlantic Hurricane season which begins this Sunday, June 1, 2013.

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