Saturday, June 15, 2013

Absence of Recent Tropical Weather Sightings

For the last several days, there has been a very noted absence of tropical weather activity present in any of the known hot-spots that usually contain tropical weather activity during the hurricane seasons. I am especially skeptical of this phenomenon, as it is extremely unusual for such a lack of activity to take place. The anticipation of several serious storms is still present among the weather prediction community.
This blog most likely will become very active in the near future, with multiple sightings of invests that will turn into full fledged named tropical storms. All activity that you should be concerned about WORLDWIDE will be reported right here on this blog.
With the lack of present activity, it is important to stay focused on the likeliness that several strong tropical storms will take place this year, and most likely one of these storms to take place soon. In the past as was for this year, there was a prediction of high activity, but during those previous times, not a single storm reached the United States. All it takes is one serious storm that turns into a hurricane to be overlooked that may reach the U.S. mainland, and the year will become a devastating year for hurricanes. It is extremely important that coastal cities along the gulf coast, and the eastern seaboard to heed the warnings of tropical weather forecasters and take cover, or at least move away from the path of the storm whenever possible. The East coast already received a taste of what can occur just a few weeks ago when the remnants of tropical storm Andrea made its way up the coastline.
Just remember, the Hurricane Season has just begun. The waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are warming up to critical temperatures that are perfect for spawning of new tropical weather storms.
All I am asking here is to BE WISE. Understand when it's time to pick up and go, and don't be stubborn and decide to stay when the chances will be stacked against you that you may survive.

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