Saturday, June 8, 2013

Andrea Moving Away from Mainland U.S.

The topical storm named Andrea which started in the Gulf of Mexico is moving away from the United States after traveling up the entire Eastern coast. All the rains that were a product of this storm has now moved off shore as a cool dry winds push it to the East at 40 MPH. Along the way, it produced a few tornadoes, but considering it took about the same path as Hurricane Sandy last year, this storm was like a light shower in comparison. But it has left some lasting effects, as flooding occurred in many places along the coast.
Now is no time to rest, as concern is growing for activity in the Gulf. Luckily, there are strong winds and allot of dry air preventing any real development of any major systems presently in the Gulf. 
The Caribbean area appears to be fairly stable with dry winds aloft. Presently, there is an upper level low over the region which is keeping thunderstorms and major development away. 
In the Atlantic, there is a group of disorganized storms moving west across the Atlantic, but there is also very little chance of tropical development because there are very strong winds aloft. 
In the Eastern Pacific, there is also very little chance of tropical weather development becuase there seems to be allot of dry air circulating high above. Most likely, nothing major in any region will development should be of any concern for the next 48 hours. 

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