Sunday, June 2, 2013

Atlantic 2012 Storms

Below is a graph and a complete list of the 2012 Atlantic Tropical storms and Hurricanes. Notice that most of the storms such as Rafael, Chris, Gordon, Tony, Michael, Kirk, Nadine Oscar, Joyce, and Florence never made it anywhere close to the U.S. mainland.

StormDatesMax Winds (mph)Min Pressure (mb)

Tropical Storm Alberto05/19-05/2250998

Tropical Storm Beryl05/26-05/3070993

Hurricane Chris6/19-6/2275987
Tropical Storm Debby6/23-6/2760991
Hurricane Ernesto8/01-8/1085980
Tropical Storm Florence8/04-8/06601000
Tropical Storm Helene8/17-8/19451004
Hurricane Gordon8/15-8/20110965
Hurricane Isaac8/21-8/3080968
Tropical Storm Joyce8/22-8/24401006
Hurricane Kirk8/28-9/02105970
Hurricane Leslie8/30-9/1175968
Hurricane Michael9/03-9/11115964
Hurricane Nadine9/23-10/0490978
Tropical Storm Oscar10/03-10/0550997
Tropical Storm Patty10/11-10/13451005
Hurricane Rafael10/12-10/1790969
Hurricane Sandy10/22-10/30105940
Tropical Storm Tony10/22-10/25501000

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