Monday, June 3, 2013

Invest 91L Most Likely to become Tropical Storm Andrea

Located in the Southern Gulf of Mexico is Invest 91L. Forecasters have been monitoring this disturbance for days, but since it is moving very slowly, most likely it will be monitored for days to come. Presently, the winds are peaking at 30 MPH, which is just 9 MPH short of being named the first Atlantic tropical storm of the year. The tropical storm will be named Andrea if it develops. Presently, there is a 30% chance that this storm will develop into a hurricane within the next 48 hours. At first, forecasters believed that the storm would just pass and not develop into anything, but it now seems to be very annoying because it is moving so slow. Because of the upper-level westerly winds, so far it hasn't been able to really strengthen, but if it sits in one spot for too long the chances are good that it will become the first tropical Atlantic storm of the season. The storm seems to be partly off of a low that developed almost at the point that Hurricane Barbara disintegrated. It appears that when the storm reaches the eastern Gulf of Mexico, most likely it will have developed further to become Tropical Storm Andrea. Heavy rains have been reported in Cancun and more storms are developing over the Yucatan, western Cuba, and the northwest Caribbean. Ahead of the storm, conditions seem to be good for lots of rain headed for the Florida peninsula. The storm is moving in a NNE direction and models seem to point to the direction of the Eastern Coast of the U.S. although somewhere along the way if it crosses land before heading up the coast, most likely the storm will dissipate. Nevertheless, the forecasters are keeping a very watchful eye on this storm.

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