Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Leepi May Directly Affect the Japan Mainland

Tropical Storm Leepi, with a steady wind speed of 40 MPH, is moving forward at approximately 10 MPH and running slightly west of due north. 
The storm is pretty much on the projected path, except now the storm is entering the East China Sea further West than expected. It is expected to start turning to the east in approximately 6 to 8 hours from now. Somewhere between 7:00PM CT, the storm is expected to start moving in a Northeastern direction at Latitude 28.70 and Longitude 126.00 as long as it keeps on its present course. Leepi will pass by China, but by a very substantial distance, as it's closest point to the mainland of China would be Taizhou. Rains are possible during the next 48 hours from this storm, but it is unlikely that this tropical storm would affect the mainland of China to any degree.
However, as the storm tracks north then finally northeast in the East China Sea, models now show that it will miss all of the Okinawa Prefecture, including Naha as it will pass more to the West. When the storm finally makes a turn to the east, models show the storm now traveling directly over the extremely southern portion of Japan. Japanese mainland cities, Kumemto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Kochi should be directly affected by the storm. 
Hopes are now that Leepi will not further gain intensity, or that it not track further north into the East China Sea as it continues forward. More updates to follow.

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