Friday, June 21, 2013

New Storms - INVEST 94E and INVEST 95E in Southwest Pacific

Invest 94E, located off the coast of South Western Mexico was first recognized as an invest almost 11 hours ago. It reached a wind speed of 25 mph at Latitude 12.80, Longitude -99.60. Since then the storm is moving away from the coast in a Southwestern direction, one would think that there would be of no concern for this storm. However, models show the storm starting off in this direction, but then curing up to the North. The question is how far to the north will it turn. If it would turn directly north, the storm may enter land in central or Northern Mexico. Since it's beginning, the storm has now strengthened to 30 MPH and moving at a speed of 10 MPH at a heading of 275 degrees at Latitude 12.00 and Longitude -100.30. The storm is continuing to move away from Mexico to the Southwest. But according the the model map immediately below, the storm is expected to turn to the north very soon. Updates to this storm will be available as soon as they are known.


Just when you think everything is covered, now tracking 3 storms, another low has appeared in the South West Pacific. This one, called Invest 95E, is located approximately 700-800 miles to the west of Invest 94E. It was first named approximately 5 hours ago, and now located at Latitude 13.70, Longitude -113.80. The invest has a wind speed of 25 MPH and at this point the wind gusts are not known. The true direction of travel is not known at this time, but as the storm continues to develop, I will pass along the information.

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