Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Now as Tropical Storm Cosme - Continues to Weaken

Now just a tropical storm, Cosme is moving west, further into the northern Pacific. If it were to keep up its intensity as a tropical storm, it would reach Hawaii with very minor coastal flooding with just rain showers. But as I write this entry, the storm is becoming weaker. Yesterday it was full fledged Category 1 Hurricane Cosme and now just a tropical storm. Since the storm is totally over open warm waters, it doesn't seem that it will totally dissipate until maybe later this coming weekend. It should still be well off of the coast of the Hawaiian islands even by then.
Presently, it is the only major tropical storm in existence at the present time. However, there are a few coastal storms brewing up off the coast of Africa, where most of the bad tropical weather to affect the United States originates. The storms are weak, but still are prevalent along the western coast of Africa.

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