Monday, June 17, 2013

Tropical Depression Four Aiming for the East China Sea

Just a day ago, I had nothing new to report on this blog. But the weather gods seem to be giving me lots of material since then. Presently, as previously reported on a tropical wave off of the coast of the Philippines is  a sub-tropical storm now known as Tropical Depression Four. It is now moving just slightly west of due north at approximately 8 MPH. The wind speed presently is 30 MPH with wind gusts at 40 MPH. As noted on the map below, it will be moving away from the Philippines as long as it stays on its present course. Entering the East China Sea, it will then veer off to the Northeast and continue until it dissipates. Prior to dissipating, it is expected to pass by the coast of the Mainland of Japan. 
The closest point projected to the mainland would be at a town known as Taizhau. On the present course, the storm will pass over the Okinawa Prefecture, affecting Neha, along wih the Yaeyama Islands and Miyako Islands. The storm will be over open waters for most of the time for the next several days, so it is highly likely that a tropical storm will appear and possibly a cyclone as it continues to grow. Every change to the path and strength of the storm will be reported in real time.

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