Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tropical Depression Leepi - Aiming for Central Japan

Tropical Depression Leepi is still centrally located at the halfway point between Shanghai China and Nagasaki Japan. 
The latest track puts the storm directly over the the Japanese mainland, aiming directly at Kumamoto, and affected other fairly large cities of Nagasaki and Saga. Now it is just a matter of time before the storm turns to the east. Originally, it was expected that the storm would at first just glance by the southern coast of Japan, but now it looks as if a major portion of the mainland will be affected. 
The storm has a high chance of weakening soon, as it has entered warmer waters in the East China Sea, and is not expected to go much further north before heading to the east. If the storm was to continue in its current direction, it would head directly towards South Korea. But all forecasters seem to believe that Leepi will turn to the east very soon. There will be flooding as the storm moves closer. Updates with further landfall predictions will be following this article.

Tropical Depression Leepi

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