Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tropical Depression Three-E to Advance as Hurricane COSME

Invest 94E as expected has advanced to a tropical depression known as Three-E located about a thousand miles west of Nicaragua. It is expected to further develop soon in a tropical storm named COSME. Cosme should rapidly gain speed to become a tropical storm at any time. The direction has already been plotted and it is moving in a Northwestern direction. Rains from the storm are possible to a border section of Mexico, but the storm doesn't appear that it will affect any land mass.
Eastern Pacific storms are now appearing much faster than originally expected, as this specific depression will become already the third named storm of the season. As Cosme, it is expected to become at least a Category 1 Hurricane with sustained wind speeds reaching 75 MPH and gusts as high as 90 MPH.
Again, the main storm track after it intensifies does appear to be well off of the coast of Mexico, and there should be little effect from this one except possible rain and maybe a minor storm surge with higher than normal waves off the the Mexican Coast as far north as Puerto Vallarta to as far south as Tecoman.

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