Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tropical Depression Two - Update

The beginnings of a storm named Tropical Depression Two has been steady in strength as it moves towards a small town in the Mexican state of Tabasco named Frontera. After the storm reaches the Mexican coastal city of Frontera, it is expected to be over water for almost a day before re-entering Mexico just south of Heroica Veracruz over a town called Boca de Rio. Depending on possible gained strength over water, will determine the amount of damage the storm can produce as it appears to head towards Mexico City. Most likely by then, the storm will have dissipated well before it reaches Mexico City. When the storm reaches a mid-point through the Bay of Campeche, another progress report will be given on this blog. It is expected to be at mid-point at approximately 6:00 PM on June 19.

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