Friday, June 21, 2013

Tropical Storm Barry Dissapates

As expected, the second tropical storm of the Atlantic Hurricane season did not go away very easily. Even though it packed  sustained 40-MPH winds, along with heavy rains, along with flash floods and mudslides, the storm provided up to and may have even surpassed 10 inches of rain. 
Prior to its first entrance on land, the storm formed a depression of the coast of Belize last Monday and started moving northward. Belize was now under the gun for some very heavy rains, along with Guatemala. After rain soaking that area, the storm moved into the Gulf of Mexico off of the Bay of Campeche and begun to strengthen again over the warm Gulf waters. 

The storm then entered the mainland of Mexico causing lots of rain, heavy winds and coastal erosion. After the storm moved over land and no longer had a feed from the warm waters as it was now over Southern Mexico, the storm broke apart prior to reaching Mexico City. Even though, the storm provided lots of rain to Mexico City and the surrounding areas. 

The storms in both the Atlantic and Pacific areas provided storms so far that were effective in providing lots of wind and rain, but no major damage caused by the storms as they only weakened fairly quickly once over solid ground. 

This will be the very last update to Tropical Storm Barry.. Until next time Barry... Good Night!!

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