Monday, June 24, 2013

Tropical Storm Cosme Slowly Growing


The newest projections of the storm puts it at a Category 1 Hurricane at approximately 10:00 AM CT Tuesday morning. The storm will have wind gusts that will reach 100 MPH, but the storm presently is running parallel in an actual verses projected path, and is expected to turn slightly to the west as it becomes a Category 1 hurricane. The projected forward motion of the storm as a Category one will be approximately 12-15 MPH. It should also travel a distance of approximately 150 miles in a 12 hour time frame.  So the storm is gradually picking up speed, both in rotation and direction, but again, the storm is not expected to affect any land mass at this time, other then slightly higher waves than usual on the Mexican coastline, that may reach from Tecoman to possibly as far north as Mazatlan on the Mexican border. Further north,  Baja California will protect the Mexican mainland from any waves caused by this storm. 
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