Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tropical Storm DALILA making way up the Mexican Coast

Tropical Depression 4-E has now been upgraded to a tropical storm named DALILA. This storm is very close to the Mexican boarder as it travels up the coast. It is not expected to move away from the coast for at least a few days. This storm only has a wind speed of 40 MPH with 50 MPH gusts at this time. As it moves forward, wind speeds will increase and expected to reach near hurricane strength within the next 24-36 hours. It is presently located at 15.5N, 103.2W moving at 9 MPH. High tides and coastal erosion will take place from Zihuatanejo northward to Mazatlan and my be even more widespread as the storm may move more to the north and become closer to land. The storm will be centered over warm waters the entire time, and it is very possible that the storm will continue to gain strength as it turns to the west. On its present course, The southern tip of Baja California should be effected, to include Cabo San Lucas and San Jose de Cabo. Further updates will be made within the next 8 hours.
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