Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tropical Storm Leepi - Update

At this point, tropical storm LEEPI is not expected to become a typhoon and damaging winds that normally come from this type of storm doesn't appear to be a threat at this time. 
However, the storm seems to be staying on or near the expected track of the storm. Presently, located approximately 550 miles to the Northeast of the Philippines, it is now expected to continue towards the mainland of Japan, affecting Okinawa and other Islands nearby with significant rains. Actually, the prognosis seems to be fairly good, considering that the storm seems to be well organized. 
As it is moving to the north, the water temperatures for the storm will change, as the further north the storm moves, the cooler the water will be. Because the storm is well organized and upper level wind shear for the storm is not prevalent at this time, the storm should not dissipate anytime soon. So far, the weather forecasters have called this one right, and I'm feeling confident that the center of this storm will never reach the mainland of Japan. 
As the storm heads north, it will graze the China coastline, but being significantly away from the eastern shores of China, it is not expected to cause much damage. 
The progress of this storm will reported again here and another update will be listed when more definite facts are received regarding this storm. 

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