Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tropical Storm Yagi Heading towards JAPAN

A heightened awareness of a storm called Yagi has now taken effect. This storm is making its approach towards mainland Japan. So far it doesn't seem to be of any consequence to the island of Okinawa or Kanto Plain, and forecasters now seem to think that the storm may die out as early as Thursday afternoon. Before it dies out, the tropical storm is expected to produce winds at a strength of 58 MPH with 75 MPH gusts, as it moves between Japan's Daito Islands and Iwo Jima. It should reach land on Wednesday at 3pm. By that time, the storm winds are expected to drop to only 35 mph with only 46 mph gusts and then eventually dissipate entirely. 
Storms affecting the US and Japan are expected to completely diminish with very little new activity for the next 48 hours.  

Path Prediction June 20, 2013 at  9:30AM U.S. Central Time
The picture immediately above shows very heavy rainfall in Osaka and Tokyo and areas along the southern area of Japan. Prior to reaching the mainland of Japan, the Tropical Storm is expected to stall out over cooler water, possibly shift to the east and dissipate. This would be very good news to the residents of Japan. 
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