Friday, June 14, 2013

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Do you have a personal experience you would like to share about a hurricane?

Do you have a story or pictures you would like to share on this site?

Not long ago, this blog was created to share real-time information as tropical storms progress in ANY area around the globe. But even with all of the information provided by satellites and weather forecasters, none of these can actually explain a real, past experience that YOU may have had as given from your own perspective. I have NEVER personally experienced a Hurricane or Earthquake. The only natural disaster I have really experienced on my own is with a tornado while living in Ohio over 30 years ago. I write this blog because of my high interest in tropical weather and a desire to provide real-time information to people who are interested in knowing the progress of such devastating storms.

Personal stories authored by YOU can be provided right here on this website by just submitting the information that will be considered for submission to

Also, as the publisher of this website, I am looking for good writers who can assist with providing accurate hurricane stories during times that no tropical weather activity is occurring. They do not have to be personal in nature, but if you consider that such a story would be of high interest to readers on this site, then by all means submit the information.

There are only 2 real qualifications that you must meet to have a story submitted. They are as follows...

1) The story must be true and accurate. No mystery writing on this website.

2) The story must contain proper grammar, written in English, easy to understand.
If the story is written in any other language besides English, it can still be published only if the publisher of can convert it back to English for publication. This way regardless of your language, your story can be published on
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