Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Storm to Hit Tiawan, This Time First Through the Philippines

As expected, the calm is not going to last..   A tropical depression, now known as 'Eight' is presently due east of the northern Philippines mainland is traveling to the Northwest. It is expected to intensify, and travel towards Taiwan. Again, the entire island of Taiwan should be engulfed in this storm by Thursday. The northeastern tip of the island should revive large amounts of rainfall and flooding may be felt from south of Illagan City as far north as Pagudpud and Laoag City

As the storm moves northwest through the South China Sea, the storm will continue towards the China mainland, going directly to Fujian province. The center of the storm is expected to be at Quanzhou, then turn to the northeast a bit and travel up the coast and possibly pick up more speed if not dissipated by then as it reaches the East China Sea. Once it is pulling moisture from the sea, it is expected to continue to the northeast and it looks to be pretty centered now to travel over North and South Korea, with the tail edges of the storm still pushing its way through Liaoning province with heavy rains and winds.  The storm will reach Korea on Thursday evening going into Friday local time.
Further details on which cites will see the worst weather from this storm will be forthcoming.

 The storm is moving rather slowing as indicated in the picture above at only 6 MPH and a wind speed of 30 MPH and gusts to 40 mph. 
The storm is expected to strengthen within the next 12 hours, and another update will be coming. 

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