Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Category 4 Typhoon SOULIK Barreling Towards CHINA

Unlike Tropical Storm Chantel, on the other side of the globe is a storm named SOULIK. This storm is the strongest recorded this year as a tropical storm. Now a Category 4 Typhoon, the storm is packing steady winds of 140 MPH with gusts up to 186 MPH. This typhoon is expected to run into TIAWAN prior to hitting the China mainland and affect one of the highest populated provinces of China. Once it does hit the mainland, it will rapidly loose strength, causing lots of rain and winds in an area from just north of HONG KONG to as far north as GINGDAO. The storm is expected to slam the coastline at a level 2 to 3 typhoon. This storm is expected to cause lots of destruction as it enters the coastline. TAIPEI, one of the most densely populated cities in the world (nearly 3 million) will be affected, although these people are very familiar with storms of this nature and strength. 
Again, this is one of the strongest recorded storms this year. With winds over 100 MPH when entering land, it can surely take some lives on the way. Property damage should be extensive. It is highly recommended that people in the path of this storm move out of its way. The storm will go through some very highly populated areas, and millions of people will be affected. Damage and destruction will take place also because of high flooding and some mudslides that will be products of this storm.  Whatever emergency plans that your province has for you to take should be seriously considered at this time. 

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