Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cyclone Soulik Continues Toward China - update 4

Cyclone Soulik is now barreling down towards China, but has weakened just a bit. The storm is expected to move over Taiwan as a Category 3 Cyclone, but then rapidly drop down to a Category 2 storm. Winds in excess of 120 MPH should be felt on the Island nation just prior to reaching the mainland of China. Extreme damage is expected from this storm and all precautions to try and stay out of its direct path should be taken. Obviously with a city the size of Taipei, approximately 4 million people, that would be hard to do, especially do to its location. This is only one city out of dozens of large cities that will be affected. But it is important to know now, ahead of the storm, what to expect. Families should be preparing for the worst situation, doing everything possible with protecting their families, knowing from past history what has happened with storms of this magnitude and nature.
One of the reasons why I write this blog is because it is important for people to know about these types of storms before they reach them. Unfortunately, as reader awareness of this blog is extremely new, most people from China and the Asian lands are not aware of the existence of this blog yet. Regardless, I will be pushing forward in an attempt to advise everyone within reach of this blog, the dangers as they approach of killer storms of this magnitude.

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