Monday, July 29, 2013

Flossie Over the Hawaii Islands In the Next Few Hours

The world does know about a tropical storm named FLOSSIE. This storm is located in the Pacific, and looks to be on the attack of the Hawaiian Islands.
But at the present time, even knowing that such a storm is eminent for the islands, there can be 'not yet named' fronts that people not affected by the storms do not know about. There is a percentage of tropical storms that affect land that are never even really reported by NOAA and may even get overlooked. One such storm, actually still a tropical depression continues to bring heavy rain showers across the Philippines, which most likely will trigger flash floods and landslides.
Flossie on the other hand, should continue northwest and enter the South China Sea and make landfall in China soon. This part of the world is being hammered by tropical weather this year. Taiwan, China, Japan, Vietnam and other countries in the region have been hit pretty hard this year already as we are barely halfway through the season of severe tropical weather.
As mentioned earlier in this article, a tropical storm named Flossie is heading straight for the Hawaiian Islands. Unfortunately for the very same area of the world recently hit by severe tropical weather, to include China, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam, may have to prepare for yet another storm. Flossie, had originated off of the Mexican coastline and has been moving steadily across the Pacific towards Hawaii. The storm is approximately 150+ miles from the major island with present wind speeds of 50 mph and wind gusts at 65 mph. the barometric pressure is falling, now at 999 MB. After ravaging the Hawaiian islands, the forecasters seem to believe that the storm will continue on to the South China Sea, and then begin a journey towards China. If this happens, Flossie may become one of the longest lasting storms of the season, and there may even be a chance for the storm to intensify. Below is a map with the present position of the storm, along with its immediate predicted forward path.
Again, we are lucky that the storm hasn't already intensified, as it has had plenty of time to do so. All you can do is keep your fingers crossed on this one.

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