Monday, July 15, 2013

India Monsoons of June Kill a Minimum of 1000 People, 5000 People Missing

It is now known that because of the monsoons which brought along flash floods and landslides that struck northern India last month is now blamed for some 6000 people, now either who have died or now is missing. Many of the missing from the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand were just washed away with the floods. Thriving villages have been totally washed away.  This all happened in the peak of the tourist season. Many of the missing are travelers and tourists.  Out of the 6000 people, at least 1000 are confirmed dead. Some of the missing have been found, but most are still missing.  The families of the dead receive compensations from state funds. For each person that was known to be killed, the government pays $8,394 dollars (500,000 rupees) to each family, which includes the same amount of money for children that were orphaned. The good news if any were to come out of all of this is that the Indian military, supported with helicopters, rescued at least 100,000 people after the disaster. Funds for some 240+ villages will also go to families to help them rebuild. 
The monsoon season re-appears every year, and finally the state government says that they will now start to build earthquake-resistant houses in what they are calling new model villages. 
The following statement is just my opinion. To me it seems so little, and too late. It's really not a matter that a model city needs to be built to prove that better housing is better for the people, because the models will surely succeed. What needs to happen is that the government must move full steam in rebuilding a resurgent country that can withstand such weather conditions each year. 

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