Thursday, July 4, 2013

Invest 97E Now Tropical Storm ERICK

Invest 97E has rapidly gained strength as it moves to the north. Now known as tropical storm ERICK, the center is located approximately 150 miles from the Mexican coast off of Acapulco. The wind speed of the storm has reached 45 MPH and moving at approximately 11 MPH to the Northwest. Wind gusts have reached 60 MPH. It is nearing the starting point of tropical depression Dalila except it will pass allot closer to the Mexican coastline. Rains and waves will follow this storm up the coast. Cities from Acapulco to Manzanillo will see most of the moisture from this storm. The highest wind speeds expected are 65 MPH with 75 MPH gusts. Chances are good that this storm will advance into a Category 1 hurricane. The projected path will put it just off of Baja California, before it turns to the west and goes out to sea. 

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