Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Invest 97L in the Gulf of Mexico, Tropical Storm EIGHT on Course to Tiawan

Tropical Storm EIGHT seems to be staying on path, affecting the northern mainland of the Philippines, then onto Tiawan. The storm has not changed in either strength or direction since the last update.
However, now there appears to be a new weather front named INVEST 97L that has surfaced in the Gulf of Mexico. The wind speed is at approximately 25 MPH and not much else is known about this system at this time. However it is expected to grow in strength but may not have enough time to actually grow substantially before reaching land. Storms that generally spawn in the Gulf are usually smaller storms. The storms that spawn off the coast of Africa usually have enough time to grow and become a threat as they work their way to the west.
Updates to both weather systems will be made here as soon as they are known.

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