Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Invest 98L Now Tropical Storm DORIAN

The new storm to watch used to be called Invest98L. Within a period of 24 hours, the storm advanced to a tropical depression called 'FOUR'. Now the storm has advanced once again to Tropical Storm DORIAN. Dorian is the 4th named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. The path of the storm has the storm shooting towards the Caribbean Sea, namely heading towards the Dominican Republic. It is presently moving to the west at approximately 20 MPH, with a location approximately 200 miles to the west of Cape Verde islands. The wind speed within the storm is a steady 50 mph, with wind gusts rising to 65 MPH. The storm appears to be advancing faster than people would like it to. Many were counting on wind shear to actually slow the progress of the storm, both in size and in speed. The storm is moving at a good pace and if all calculations are correct, the storm will make it to the Caribbean sea in just a few days.

Exactly were it may be heading can be projected within the next 48 hours but most predict that it will turn to the north and travel up the east coast. My guess would be that it has a very good chance to enter the gulf, and if it does, all bets are off. By the time it gets in the gulf region, we may already know the strength and damages it can cause if it enters the Gulf. None of the models really predict any type of landfall at this time, but if the storm stays on its present course, the storm will produce lots of rains and winds for a country near the United States, or for mainland U.S. itself. Please return soon to read more updates on this storm.
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