Monday, July 22, 2013

Invest 98L off the Coast of Africa

Another storm is organizing, known as Invest 98L. This is a storm that the United States may be concerned about, as it has developed off of the coast of Africa and now heading west at 10-15 MPH, and has a 10-15 knot wind shear. Wind shear is a good thing, because it is what causes the storm to become disorganized and does not let the storm to continue to develop into a stronger storm. However, the weather front has the entire Atlantic ocean to travel, and if it stays together and continues in its present direction, it will have an effect on the United States. At the moment, the ocean water temperatures are perfect for spawning a storm, however in a few days, the wind shear is expected to increase, which should definitely affect the strength of the storm, or whether it can stay together or not. The computer models now predict that the front will only have a 10% chance by Wednesday to develop into a tropical storm and forecasters do not have much faith that it will grow into a major storm. If anything at all will come out of this storm, there may be heavy rains and gusty winds to the northern Lesser Antilles Islands by the end of the week. 
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