Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Invest99L Nearing Burmuda

A new weather front that forecasters are watching is one located approximately 350 miles to the South East of Burmuda. This system is now called INVEST 99L.
Projections show the storm heading to the west towards the United States, but then turning very quickly to the north. It is not expected to travel near the United States, It is traveling at a forward speed of only 10 MPH, only half the speed as Dorian, but is now spinning with winds of approximately 25MPH. There stands a good chance that this front will turn into a tropical depression soon, and if so, it will be named Tropical Depression 'Five'.  As soon as it reaches a wind speed of 39 MPH, it will gain the 5th 2013 Atlantic Season storm name of ERIN.
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