Thursday, July 11, 2013

Islands to Be Affected by Typhoon SOULIK - Update 6

As a point of interest with knowing the path of Typhoon Soulik, now a Category 3 storm to be a Category 4 storm, sits an Island in a group of Japanese Islands called Hateruma. It is the southern-most inhabited island in Japan located at 24 degrees 2'25" north latitude, 123*47'16" east longitude. Hateruma is one of the Yaeyama Islands and is about 15 miles south of the largest island group which houses the Hateruma public airport. The island is very small, and has a coastline of approximately 9.2 miles, with the highest elevation of the island of 195.2 feet. It is part of the Okinawa Prefecture, district of Yaeyama, town of Taketomi.
It is a very high tourist place, with day trips from Ishigaki during the daytime. The island contains the southern most Japanese school with the southern most police station, which are tourist attractions.
The second island to the west of Hateruma is an island called Yongaguni island, which has another Japanese airport. It is the closest island mass to Taiwan, some 150 miles to the west. Coastal warnings are from Taidong to the south, then engulfing the rest of the island to the north and northeast, to include Chenggong, Shoufeng, Hualian, Xincheng, Xiulin, Yilan County, New Taipei City, Keelung City.
I do not have information available concerning storms that passed over these two islands in the past, but they are fixing to get a beating by typhoon SOULIK. Other islands to be affected by Soulik are Iriomote Island, Hatoma Island, and Aragusuku Island. To the northwest of these islands is another island called Ishigaki Island with the main city of Ishigaki. Immediately below is a time lapse video taken of the island a short time ago. It is an extremely beautiful island, very lively and exciting, engulfed by the sea from every direction.
After Typhoon Soulik passes this island, I am hoping to provide actual before and after shots of the island to compare how the island survived the storm. Please watch this video, and return later to see how Typhoon Soulik affected the island.

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