Saturday, July 20, 2013

Looking back to the Busiest Hurricane Record Year in History

Which year would you suspect be the most active Atlantic hurricane season in recent recorded history?

Some may think back before 2000, but actually the year of 2005 was the most active Atlantic hurricane season in recorded history. There were almost 4,000 deaths, with damages estimating to be almost $160 billion dollars.

There were seven recorded storms that were considered major, but five of these storms were responsible for most of the deaths and destruction. The storms were Emily, Rita, Wilma, Dennis, and last but not least, Katrina. Two of the states, Texas and Louisiana experienced 2 major storms that year.
So far this year, no major storms....    How can one year have so many and then another have none?  Hopefully, you do not truly believe that the United States will not experience a hurricane this year.

With the temperatures heating up, I would expect to see more tropical weather systems this season. The water temperatures in the Atlantic and Pacific, especially in the Gulf of Mexico are at their highest, ever. This can only spell disaster when it comes to storms entering the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the storms mentioned above, Katrina, turned out to be a Category 3 storm that actually entered land
twice. It appeared in a year not only that was full of storms for the season that effected the United States,
it was a year that began two months before the beginning of the hurricane season. A stated fact in a prior article is that most hurricanes that attack the U.S. normally are born off of the coast of Africa. For the most part that is true, but with hurricane Katrina, it got it's birth near the Bahamas, very close to the United States mainland, just East of Florida and North of Puerto Rico, which was an Atlantic storm.

It was tragic that so many people lost their lives because of Katrina. The storm surge from the Gulf, the rains, floods, and high winds took many by surprise. Many of the people who experienced Katrina never experienced a storm of this magnitude or one with such killer force. Some of these people, ones that have witnessed tropical storm fury left the area, knowing full well what could happen, but some of those same people who witnessed it before decided to stay and ride out this storm called Katrina just because they wanted to 'protect' their home.    Katrina won. Unfortunately so many people died, and many not a direct result of direct contact of the storm. Many perished because one of flood water because a dam broke and flooded the lower reaches of the North Bank, in many areas above rooftops.
Actually the hurricane entered land in Waveland, Mississippi, as some people may not know that fact. Checkout a video of a few people stuck in a home that is overcome with floods. Regardless of how much they wanted to stay back and protect there home, the water gods still entered the home, and the water kept rising. Observe three residents of the home, as they watch helplessly, as the water rises in the home.
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