Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Storm Disturbance off the coast of Guatemala

Looks like still another storm disturbance known as Invest 97E may be brewing off of the Guatemala coastline. This area of disturbed weather extends from the Gulf of Tehuantepec for several hundred miles. The weather system is prime for continued development of this disturbance for the next 48 hours. Presently, there is a 30% chance that it may become a tropical storm during this time period as it moves in a North by Northwest direction at approximately 10 MPH. Since the weather system is beginning as an invest much farther to the southeast pretty close to the Guatemala coastline, as it moves to the northwest, Mexico will again be affected. It may pass extremely close to Acapulco, and towns such as Tecoman and Manzanillo that have just experienced some weather from tropical storm Dalila. Local conditions have been fair as of recent in these coastal towns. Some of the weather models put the path of the storm directly in the path of these towns, but it is uncertain at this point where exactly the storm may go as it develops. The map below shows the beginning point of this tropical low. 

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