Friday, July 19, 2013

No Tropical Storms at the Moment around the Globe

So far today, the weather around the globe has been calm. There are no storms to report. Only one storm front began its path from the waters off of the coast of Africa so far this year. This starting point for a storm is usually the starting point for all of the major Gulf of Mexico storms.
Finally the countries of Japan, Philippines and China can rest a while. The storm season is not over, but any amount of calm in the ocean waters is great.
But what is alarming is that this year is already being recorded as the 5th warmest year since around 1880, over 130 years ago. The fact is that warm weather is the biggest factor for tropical storms developing in the oceans. Just a percentage point of rising from the previous year would make for a more active year than the year before.  Another factor is that many countries that usually see tropical weather from year to year have not seen this repeated weather. If the weather runs in cycles, then there may be a few countries that should be on the lookout for tropical storms that don't usually see them on a regular basis.
The 64 million dollar question, where will the next big storm hit?!!!!
It can be anyones guess. The weather forecasters can only predict an actual storm after it has been born. The path, speed, and strength of the storm can be calculated by formulas proven to provide accurate information.
The downfall about knowing about such storms is that no-one has been able to find a way to calm them down once they are born. They just ravish the globe whenever and wherever they want, and so far, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to disrupt a storm after it is born to stop it in its tracks. Then it may be possible that tropical storms would become extinct. That would mean no hurricanes, no cyclones, no typhoons and thousands upon thousands of people would not perish is such storms.
Ok, enough wishful thinking. Be on the lookout here for the next report on tropical storms, hopefully not another in your area.
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