Friday, July 12, 2013

Some Details of the Storm as it Barrels Through Tiawan

Weather History for Ishigaki Japan

As previously reported, an island directly in the path of the storm is Ishigaki. The following chart shows various measurements, but of main interest here is the last column called 'WIND SPEED'.  The chart highlights times in Japan Standard Time from 6:00PM through 11:00PM. 

At 10:00PM, the wind speed reported was 67.9 MPH. Just one hour later, the wind speed almost tripled to 167.8 MPH. This was just a snapshot of what is going to happen to the Island of Taiwan. 

        Taiwan Directly in the Path of SOULIK

The storm is expected to track more to the south as it moves to the west, so it should almost totally engulf Taiwan with very strong winds, similar to that of Ishigaki.  Immediately below the chart, courtesy of, is a video showing actual high winds and rain explaining the activity with radar visuals as the storm runs into mainland China, while pummeling Taiwan on the way. 
Interestingly enough as highlighted in the video, the initial hit on Taiwan is not as much as a killer as what it turns into after it passes. Winds change, now coming from the Northwest hitting Taiwan with continued typhoon force winds, bringing with it rain and flooding. Winds and rain go as far inland as the mountains as Taiwan is attacked from the Northwest wave of the storm. 
Mudslides from the hills and mountains are expected to cause more damage and death. 
Actual video and pictures of many areas affected by Typhoon SOULIK will be provided on this blog as they become available. 


Video of Typhoon SOULIK as it barrels through TAIWAN and heads towards mainland CHINA
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