Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taiwan Starts Evacuations Along the Coast - Update 5

Evacuations have started as Taiwan evacuates 2,000 tourists as what is known as super-typhoon SOULIK continues to barrel its way towards Taiwan. Also taking notice is Southern Japan, as they have alerted their southern island of Okinawa of giant waves up to 12 metres.

Taiwan is warning residents that at the intensity of the storm, trees can be uprooted and rooftops will be torn off of their homes. It is not immediately known if the storm will directly hit Taiwan, but most likely the northern tip will experience extreme damages as the storm passes by.

According to a weather forecaster from a Taipei-based TVBS News Channel in Taiwan, "The public must heighten their vigilance as the typhoon will certainly bring strong winds and heavy rains." The storm seems to be following the prior path of a deadly storm in 1996 named Super-typhoon Herb. The death toll was at 51 dead and 22 others were missing.

After passing by Taiwan, the typhoon is expected to head towards the coastal provinces of Zhejiang and
Fujian, will "extremely strong" winds, as stated by the National Meteorological Centre as saying. One of the worst disasters of the area was experienced only 4 years ago, as Typhoon Morakot in 2009 killed
around 600 people in Taiwan. They were mostly buried beneath very large landslides. Because of recent earthquakes in the local mountainous regions within the last few weeks, more landslides are predicted with the passing of this storm.
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