Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tropical depression EIGHT, soon to be named as a new Tropical Storm Moving Towards China

So far, tropical depression 'EIGHT' looks to be promising, and doesn't appear to be a deadly storm that will affect Tiawan like Typhoon SOULIK. 

Originally, the forecast was that the storm would head directly at Tiawan, after glazing the northern coastal area of mainland Philippines. But forecasters now say that the storm will mostly pass to the west of Tiawan as it enters mainland China. Still, the strength of the 'Eight' should not strengthen to amount to much of anything at all. 

Still, with the passing of Typhoon Soulik, this storm will have a continued effect on possible continued flooding of already water soaked lands that have fallen victim to flooding and landslides. Up to 2,000,000 people have been affected by Soulik, and the last thing they need is another storm to contribute to an already catastrophe that the people must endure. 
Presently, the storm is centered over the extreme northeastern corner of the Philippines, but it is fixing to break into the complete open waters of the South China Sea. There, it will gain strength and most likely earn a name as a tropical storm. Within the next 8 hours, I would expect that this storm will be  named. Presently, the storm is moving at only 13 MPH with a wind speed of 35 MPH and gusts up to 45 MPH. The storm will be formally named when the wind speed moves up to 39 MPH, which is only 4 MPH from its present speed. 

My hopes are that when this storm nears Tiawan, that it may only produce not so heavy winds and very little rain. On it's present course, it will continue through Fujian province, an area that was hit very hard from Typhoon Soulik. The storm may decide to completely spare Tiawan as it moves to the north, and may drift further to the Northwest. If this occurs, it may enter Guangdong province and may put a direct hit on Hong Kong or Macau. Any way you look at it, there will be some effect to residents of China, and hopefully the rains and flooding will be kept to a minimum and the peoples of China can continue to endure the weather, as if there is much choice to do anything else. 

The present storm, tropical depression 'Eight' did not give Tiawan or mainland China much time to prepare for the next storm, as SOULIK has just caused major destruction throughout the areas, again affecting at least 2 million people. 

The storm is expected to only reach a maximum wind strength of 40 MPH prior to reaching mainland China, and then the forecast is for the storm to weaken as it moves over land. Wind gusts are expected to be around 50 MPH. 

So this is the present outlook for the pending storm to reach China again very soon. Unfortunately, many people in China now are without power and communications have been cut off in many areas, so the chances are that many people are not even aware that another storm is coming. 

On a personal note.....

Again, as a writer, I write this specific blog on this specific topic because of my high interest in tropical storms. Unfortunately for me, as I write these articles as I have also written another  blog before this one called 'Hurricaneprevention.net', I have come to realize the human tragedies that accompany these storms. They are on a global scale. This blog is actually fun for me to write, but it is a very sad thing to have to report so much devastation, knowing that many people affected are not even aware that this blog exists. The idea of knowing that there are still allot of people out there without any real means of knowing the upcoming weather, especially tropical storms as must be the case now in China with so many people now displaced from their homes because of Soulik, keeps me in high gear to want to continue with reporting these storms. I hope and pray that more people around the world become aware of this blog and that my articles can protect or even save lives someday. 

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