Friday, July 12, 2013

Tropical Storm Chantel Still Has Life

Tropical Storm CHANTEL has dissipated. However the tropical system low is now starting its move through south and central Florida and will produce lots of rain and wind along the way. There is a slim chance that Tropical Storm Chantel will re-develop into a strong  storm, especially if the storm moves back out into the Atlantic.
Then what may happen? Maybe dejevu?!!!!!  Tropical storm Chantel has a possibility of gaining strength out over the Atlantic, then move back on shore in either South  or North Carolina. The most that should come out of this storm if it does redevelop would be more rain and storm surges along the eastern coast.
Conditions seem to be favorable for the storm to gain strength.  This storm should not be considered dead yet. Until the low breaks up or stays entirely over land, it would not be a safe bet that Chantel is dead.
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