Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tropical Storm Chantel - Update 2

Tropical Storm CHANTEL hasn't been as predictable as previous storms. It has been tracking further to the south than anticipated. But the end result will take the storm through Florida, now expecting to pass right over Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, also affecting Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville before heading out to sea again. The storm is expected to continue on a northerly track and then back on land at Charleston. So unfortunately the storm will produce more rains and winds than expected for Florida, but the good news is that during this time, CHANTEL will only be a Tropical Depression, with wind speeds around 30 MPH and gusts at around 40 MPH. So it looks as if all this storm may produce is rainstorms with gusty winds. The storm is expected to stay inland once entering the shore again around Charleston, South Carolina and then dissipate. CHANTEL should also produce rain for the eastern coastline of Georgia, to include Savannah. 
The storm has fought wind sheer in the upper levels of the atmosphere, causing it to not gain strength. It was anticipated that the storm would go through the Dominican Republic and would loose all organization as it passed over the high mountains, but because the storm drifted more to the west before turning to the south, it passed directly over Cuba instead of the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico was spared this time around because the storm stayed to the south, although rain was felt in these places. 

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