Tuesday, August 6, 2013

GIL and HENRIETTE still Active in the Pacific

The tropical depression known as GIL has now been upgraded to a tropical storm with steady winds of 40 MPH, and gusts up to 50 MPH. This storm should stay on its present course with a forward motion of around 10 MPH. It should stay at this strength for the next 72 hours and then forecasters say that it will weaken to just a depression. 
Tropical storm HENRIETTE has now gained more strength and now categorized as a Category 1 hurricane. It is expected to stay as a category 1 for the next few days, then weaken to a tropical storm and eventually weaken to a tropical depression. 
In the case of both storms, they should both weaken as they pass by to the south of Hawaii. If any weather activity at all to affect Hawaii may be just a few rainstorms. It is possible that HENRIETTE may turn a little to the north and then create some notable rain for the Hawaiian Islands, but that should be around 4-5 days out. It is definitely too early to tell if HENRIETTE will affect the island in any way. 

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