Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tropical Depression 10 Should Strengthen Soon in South China Sea

Continuing forward in the South China Sea is Tropical Depression Ten, which should be givien another name very soon as it continues along the Vietnam coast, centered approximately 200 miles to the northeast of tp. Quy Nhan. This storm will inch its way closer to the Vietnam mainland, and then finally enter the country in around 36 hours. The storm has a forward motion presently at 21 MPH with a sustained wind speed of 35 MPH and gusts up to 45 MPH. The storm is expected to gain strength within the next 12 hours and within this time frame, should be given another name.  The storm is forecast to enter Vietnam just to the north of tp. Thanh Hoa. An area of from tp. Ha Tinh to tp.Cam Pha are expected to get the most rain and winds from this storm.The entire coastline of Vietnam should get some winds and rain as the storm passes by. 
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