Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tropical Depression 11 Promises Disaster to the Philippines and China

Two serious storms now exist. The first one previously reported named Hurricane HENRIETTE,  has now advanced to a Category 2 storm. This storm continues to move west towards the Hawaiian islands, but looks as if it will now do two things. It should continue to move south west, moving it farther away from the Hawaiian islands and then is also expected to dissipate. 

The 2nd storm,Tropical Depression 11, may advance to be the strongest storm of the tropical weather season and is expected to strengthen to a possible Category 3 level storm. It will be one of the strongest storms so far this season to actually make landfall. This storm is expected to travel through the northern coast of the Philippines and will have already strengthened to a category 3 storm. This should be of major concern for the northern part of the Philippine islands. Extreme rains, flooding and landslides are expected in the northern half of the country. 
The damages and effects of this storm will not stop in the Philippines. Most forecast models put the storm as continuing through the South China Sea and then landing directly back on land in China as a category 3 storm. The city to see major devastation from this storm looks to be HONG KONG and a wide area to the north and south of Hong Kong. The storm is not expected to weaken until it crosses over the China coastline. 
The present location as a tropical depression is approximately 400-500 miles to the east of the Philippines. Noone should take this storm lightly. Residents of the Philippines, especially in the areas from Manila and then running northward through the entire half of the island nation need to take precautions as soon as possible. Again, this tropical depression is expected to advance to a Category 3 typhoon by the time it reaches the Philippines. As the storm passes over the Philippines, it is expected to generate excessive winds to affect Manila from the northwest.
Again, ALL CONDITIONS WARRANT THAT THIS STORM WILL INCREASE IN INTENSITY TO A CATEGORY 3 STORM. Forecasters are making predictions with high confidence that the storm will grow into a Category 3 storm within 72 hours. By that time, the rains will have already begun in the Philippines. When it reaches land, winds in excess of  120 MPH with wind gusts up to 150 MPH are expected to be felt. 

More details of tropical depression 11 will be supplied here on Tropical Depression 11 should advance with winds above 39 MPH within the next 12 hours and will be given a name which the Asian communities will soon not forget. 

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