Monday, August 5, 2013

Tropical Depression GIL and Tropical Storm Henriette in the Pacific

A deadly mixture of two storms, namely Tropical Depression Gil and yet another storm to actually cross the path of Gill, now called tropical storm Henriette are now moving west in the Pacific.

The tracks of both storms seem to put their locations to eventually pass the Hawaiian Islands to the South. Tropical Storm Gil, should eventually pass approximately 300+ miles to the south of Hawaii and should be at that distance around 7:00AM CDT on Saturday, August 10, 2013. The good news is that this storm most likely will not strengthen an further, and the present wind speed is steady at 30 MPH with wind gusts at 40 MPH. This storm is expected to weaken further as it moves to the west towards the Hawaiian islands.
Unlike Gil, the newest Pacific storm Henriette, is expected to strengthen within the next 24 hours to a Category 1 storm. Winds at that time are expected to be at a minimum of 75 MPH and gusts up to 90 MPH. This should occur sometime around Tuesday August 6th, around 7:00AM CDT.
As previously stated, the Category 1 storm should pass well to the South of the Hawaiian Islands, but some forecasters have it aiming right at Hawaii. Presently, I have a high level of confidence that the storm will pass to the south. Another good aspect of this storm is that it is expected to weaken way before it arrives in the waters around the Hawaii.
Within the last month, there has been multiple storms either forming or actively moving at the same time. Presently, there are no other storms worth mentioning at this time, but the waters are pretty much heated around the world and there should be increased multiple sightings of storms throughout the globe.

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