Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tropical Storm Jebi Continues through North Vietnam and then Dissipates

As expected, tropical storm Jebi weakened but still ravaged Hainan in Southern China in the evening hours of Friday going into Saturday.The storm continued to affect the highly dependent Maritime traffic of Hainan but no injuries or loss of live had been reported also with various power outages. The storm did have an impact on Northern Vietnam where it made landfall. Continuing northwest, the storm traveled right over Hanoi and Hai Phong and eventually dissipated  The storm produced about 300 mm of rainfall is some isolated areas. As the storm moved northwest, southeasterly winds affected an area along the coast and into the mountains of South Vietnam, which caused flooding and some landslides in the south. Basically from this point on as it goes over land, rain showers will be the main topic of the storm with some flooding. No further report from Tropical Storm Jebi is needed at this time. As of this time, no fatalities have been reported. The following graphic map shows the affect of rain as the storm entered North Vietnam and affected parts of Laos. 

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