Friday, August 2, 2013

Tropical Storm Jebi - Possible Category 1 Storm Soon

Tropical Storm Jebi is continuing on its forecasted path,  eventually reaching North Vietnam. Presently, the storm has a forward movement of 16 mph which is an average forward speed of a tropical storm with its present strength. The sustained winds presently are 70MPH with wind gusts approaching 85 MPH. The storm continues to move in a north westerly direction towards Hainan and the North Vietnam coast. The Hainan Island should receive a substantial amount of rain and should receive a fair amount of wind on the North and Western sides of the island. Flooding and possible landslides may occur. A very substantial amount of rainfall should cover the northern half of Hainan. This storm does have the possibility of becoming a Category 1 storm prior to reaching the Vietnam coast. If the storm moves further to the North, chances are that it will intensify.  Further updates and details of how the storm affected Hainan will be coming shortly, beginning within the next 18 hours.

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