Monday, August 12, 2013

Typhoon Crossing North China Sea to Intensify

Typhoon UTOR is on a steady course towards China. The northern part of Hainan will also be affected with high winds, rain, storm surge and flooding, mainly on the Northwestern coast.
The storm is still expected to be centered over Zhanjiang as it moves inland, but not before it intensifies once more to a category 3 typhoon. As the typhoon gets closer to the coast, it is expected to weaken slightly, back down to a Category 2 typhoon. The storm will move over land briefly as a category 1 storm, but then weaken within the next 12 hours to a tropical depression. 

Less than 24 hours ago, this storm ravaged Luzon Province of the Philippines with winds of a Category 4 typhoon. Several cities were hit very hard, and some towns almost completely destroyed. When the storm entered the Luzon coast, there wasn't much population that was effected, until it moved further inland. Unlike the Philippines, a larger population will feel the effects immediately as it arrives on-shore in China. Within the next 12 hours, the storm should be producing heavy rains for mainland China. 
Further updates for the China weather along with news developments after the storm passed the Philippines will be reported soon. 
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