Saturday, August 10, 2013

Typhoon UTOR - Now Category 3 Heading to the Philippines

The big story of the day is a weather system located approximately 150 miles to the east of the Philippines. This storm is barreling along now as a Category 3 typhoon named UTOR with a present wind speed of 115 MPH and wind gusts of 145 MPH.  This storm is a result of a low pressure system that was originally named ELEVEN.  This storm is now inching its way and will pass over the Philippines as a Category 2 storm with winds speeds still over 100 MPH and gusts to 125 MPH. Again, this storm is a killer storm. Unless you have gone through storms like this in the past and know how to handle the situation, I advise ALL residents in the path of this storm to move away from the path of this storm. Below you will see the immediate projected path of the storm. The southeasterly winds I mentioned in my last article that was expected to affect Manila now looks to be moving slightly north, but what thes means is that the entire country to the north of Manila is about to be inundated with heavy rain, winds, landslides and excess flooding. 
Originally, in my last article I wrote about the effects expected to Hong Kong. It appears as if the expected path of the storm now shows to be traveling further south, but the effects from winds coming from the southeast will prove to be very serious to the Hong Kong area. The storm is expected to reach China, and shows to go directly over Zhanjing and then move a little more to the North as it moves inland over China.
When UTOR is fully engulfed over land, the storm will weaken to a tropical storm, but not before creating over a foot, possibly two feet of rain in parts of mainland China. Flooding should be widespread, with landslides, heavy winds and rain. 
Again, at the present time, people in the Philippines should be bracing for one of the most disastrous storms in recent history. It is expected to be directly over Baler Bay in less than 48 hours. If people have a way to prepare for this storm, the time is NOW. Do not wait to find out if the forecast will change. The outer bands of rain from this storm should be felt in less than 36 hours. From that point on, it will continuously get worse. Heavy rains will prevail and before roads get washed away, it is important that people mobilize and move out of the way of this storm.
Further updates about this storm will be coming. 
Look at the projected path of this storm to get an understanding as to what is about to happen and where. 

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