Sunday, August 11, 2013

Typhoon UTOR - Now a Category 4 Storm

TYPHOON UTOR, now a Category 4 storm is winding at 135 MPH with gusts up to 160 MPH. This upgrade to a level storm is definitely the worst news for the Philippines. Within the next 12 hours, this storm will start effecting the Philippines. Once over mainland Philippines, this storm is now expected to weaken to a Category 2 storm, but not before creating destruction across a vast area of the country, especially to the north of Manila.
Isabela is outlined in the picture below... This is an expected landfall point of UTOR in the Philippines.

Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is to get away from the path of this storm. 

The projected path of this storm in a graphic is listed immediately below this report...

Please note that the path of this storm is not official. The storm is forecast to make landfall in Isabela province or extreme southern Casiguran as a Severe Typhoon. Dangerous amounts rainfall will bring the risk of flooding and landslides across much Northern Luzon. Extreme rains and flooding is expected in the San Fernando area, to include Baguio.

From there, Typhoon Utor will continue across the South China Sea, but the storm will not be finished with the Philippines. Winds now coming from the Northwest from the tail edge of this storm will bring damaging winds along the West Coast of Luzon and as far south as Subic Bay.

I was hoping that Manila would escape from the effects of this storm, but the storm has grown so much in such little time, it is hard to predict if the storm will grow even further, and I'm really afraid now that this storm will have a major impact on the Philippines as it moves along.

Prior to moving into mainland China, the storm is expected to intensify while located over the South China Sea. If the storm stays on its present path after going through the Philippines, it will definitely have a very drastic effect on Hong Kong and even a possibility for rains as far north as Hainan. This may not happen until mid week. So as you can tell, the storm is expected to be in the area from at least the next 36 hours or maybe longer.

One of the biggest after effects of this storm will be flooding and landslides.  There will be a vast area along the coast the east coast in the Philippines that will be under water. The same conditions will be the result of the storm once it arrives in China. Storm surge will definitely be a factor with this storm.

Ok, so now you know, and what do you plan to do about it. Unfortunately, many people will think that just because they have survived storms before, that they will be able to survive this storm.  Most tropical storms are unpredictable, so you never know from one storm to the next if it is a good idea not to leave the area before the storm comes. I cannot stress enough since I became aware of this storm over a day ago when it was just a rain storm, that I had all of the tools available to tell you that this storm is going to be very devastating.

Until this report, I hesitated in reporting a Category 4 storm, but unfortunately the storm has grown now and will cause major destruction along its path.

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