Friday, July 4, 2014

Hurricane # 1 - 4th of July Storm - Arthur is Ravaging the Carolina Coast

In a preface of the fourth of July holiday weekend, the first hurricane of the 2014 season to hit North America is ravaging the east coast of the United States. It is the first holiday storm since 2008. It is presently running up the coast of North Carolina, at scraping it at a Category 2 strength. Everyone is hoping that the storm will not be moving inward from the coast.  The following are links to recent CNN videos reporting on the storm.

Everyone should never forget what happened in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit as a Category 3 hurricane. There was so much death and destruction, as the city was totally unprepared for such a disaster.

The 2014 hurricane season does seem to be predicted as being a mild one. But only time will tell. When Hurricane Arthur finally decides to give up, a total recap of this storm will be presented here on Hurricane Follower.

The goal of this website is to inform readers, before, during and after the storm. Unfortunately for this first storm, I was not able to give early information, as I found myself tending to other things. Now that this has happened, I have been alerted on how important it is to relay the facts to readers in a timely matter. From this point on, ALL tropical storms will be followed that pose any danger to the United States.
This time, all we can do now is ride this one out, then report of what has happened in Arthur's path.

Please stop by to visit often, even when you hear about the slightest possibility of a tropical storm to hit the United States. Most likely, you can and will find an update about the tropical storm right here.
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