Monday, July 14, 2014

Hurricane Arthur Skirted up the Coast with Minimal Damage

Homes and businesses were flooded and thousands were without power. Downed trees and tons of sand had to be removed from various areas and roadways. Luckily this time around, there were no reports of injuries. It passed through Atlantic Beach, NC. but then skated up the cost. Three was damage reported, but everyone in its path knows how lucky they were. This was a July 4th storm, which hasn't shown it's face for many years. Still, many North Carolinian's have been reminded that the Hurricane Season is upon us and that the devastation caused by these storms should not be taken lightly.
Many streets were washed away, but cleanup crews have cleaned most of the debris from the streets. For the people that stayed, many of them agree that the next time that a storm comes ashore, they will leave and seek higher ground.
Again, these people should consider themselves lucky. Many of them were preparing for a 4th of July Holiday weekend and scheduled fireworks shows. Obviously, the fireworks shows were cancelled throughout the area, but many people decided to wait out the storm. This is not a good idea. If a storm of any intensity that most likely will threaten your security, it should be a natural reaction to move out of the way. If this storm would have hit Atlantic Beach, NC. with full force, then there most certainly would have been many causalities. The storm will spare no-one if it decides to barrel through with full force winds.
There are other storms to be concerned about and I will now focus on them.

Below is a link to a small video reporting on the storm.
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