Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Typhoon Rammasun 'Glenda' Predicted Path Through the Philippines

As predicted, the central path of Typhoon 'Glenda' introduced itself to the Philippines by entering the Albay Gulf. It continued in a steady Northwest direction and passed directly over Cagraray Island and into Luzon. The path took it directly over Tabaco City, back out into Ragay Gulf into Luxon once again. The typhoon, traveling at a Category 3 strength, passed by Lucena, Sariaya, Poblacion and into Taal Lake. Continuing on the same path, it passed directly north of Taal Volcano Island and directly North of Nasugbu before heading out into the South China Sea as a Category 2 storm. Noted here was that the storm did loose a little definition concerning the eye of the typhoon, but now back in the very warm waters of the South China Sea, the storm is expected to continue in its path to enter land again once reaching China. Presently, the storm is expected to enter Hainan at Fengjia Bay and exit at Yugu Harbor. It is expected to reach the North Vietnam at 3AM on Saturday China time. Before reaching the mainland, the storm is expected to weaken abit, but then continue to re-strengthen as a Category 3 storm. But predictions now have it weakening again after passing over Hainan. The storm band is so large, that even though the storm will enter the mainland of North Vietnam, as the eye should pass just to the north of Hanoi. The NorthEastern band of circulation which is the strongest presented from the storm, will be over China. Cities such as Nanning and Kunming in Southern China along with smaller towns like Chixiong and Yuxi. These China towns have a considerable amount of time to prepare, and word should be spread now in Hanoi, Vietnam and other neighboring communities of the pending storm.
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